quickPX travel

The depicted gold coin is only shown for demonstration purposes and is not included.
The downsized quickPX system, optimized for transport by airplane!
Basic Properties:
capsuled system
insensitive to stray light
few disturbing influence on other working spaces
easy setup/configuration due to the integration of all components into the quickPX case
Easy conversion from right- to left setup (from left to right hand configuration)
Weights and Measurements:

The measurements of quickPX Travel allow an easy tranportation by airplane as cabbin-luggage or in a standard case.

utility space 20 x 36 x 40 cm (W/D/H)
supply voltage 210-230V (with Lightbalance: 100-240V)
weight: approx. 10 Kg (without camera)
daylight LED lamp 6200 K
fixed repro arm, with quick exchang adapter for the camera
All required cables (except Camera USB-cable, included in Camera package)
magnetically routed, adjustable top-light reflector
power supply for the camera
macro adjustment slide, in connection with AFS 2.8 / 60 mm Micro
Photo Data:
Maximum-size of automatically cropped objects: 7 x 7 cm
Maximum-size of manually cropped objects: 12 x 12 cm
Maximum resolution (18-55VR, 1:1 picture, without macro-slide, Nikon D5300/7100): appox. 1750 DPI
Maximum resolution (AFS 2.8 / 60 Micro, 1:1 picture, with macro-slide, Nikon D5300/7100): approx. 3500 DPI
Software Functions:
Automatical assignment of object size (+/- 2%, for medium object thickness 2,5 mm)
Automatical creation of JPEG and TIF / optionally deactivatable
Automatical creation of web pictures, configuratable, A/R single/connected, up to four sizes simultaneously
Automatical transmission of the pictures from the camera to your computer
Flexible and automatic numeration of the pictures
Real-Time-Live-Preview-Picture on PC
Eight saving slots / Presets for the different coin types
Automatic background fade-out
Bonus function for simplified photography of slabbed coins (only on 64 Bit systems)
Bonus function for simplified photography of lots (only 64 Bit systems)
Minimal System Requirements
Vista, WIN7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10 / 64 Bit (also executable on 32 bit with a few restrictions)
Screen-resolution Minimum: 1366 x 768
2 vacant USB-Slots for the Kamera and for lamp control
Basic price including application software: EUR 5.350,00
Required Accessory (not included in the basic price):

Camera Package, consisting of:

Camera body
lens (18-55 mm)
power supply adapter (EP-5a or EP-5b)
Camera Control Pro 2 Software

Price and recommendation on application

Suitable Cameras:

Nikon D300* / D300S*
Nikon D5000* / D5100* / D5200 / D5500 / D5600
Nikon D7000 / D7100* / D7200* / D7500 / D500
Nikon Z50 / Z5 / Z6 / Z7 / Z6 II / Z7 II
Optional Accessory:
Ligthbalance: Two seperately dimmable daylight LED lampfs for top- and side lighting, 5600 K, of the professional lighting quality level RA90
All prices plus legal value-added tax, plus shipping costs. For shipping into foreign countries the buyer bears the costs for toll fees.
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